Create A Brand That Commands Presence

Discover your branding journey through curation of visual designs and imagery that convey your brand identity.

Build Your Brand With Us Now

You may download the project brief template and prefill the contents. Submit it together with the form below.

Uncover your brand identity and translate it into visuals

Brand imageries help your brand speak to your consumers visually. Evoke your consumers' visual senses and connect with them as you reveal your brand values, persona and branding identity.

Build Your Brand Presence

Turn visual designs and expressions of your brand into a website.

Discover your

Embark on a journey to uncover the identity of your brand.

Shape your brand narrative

Use authentic stories that stem from your business to form the foundation of your brand narratives. It will enable your brand to develop its distinctive brand positioning and identity.

Curate visuals that resonate

Turn brand narratives into visual designs that communicate and resonate with your consumers. Personalised brand visuals evoke the emotional senses of your consumers which lead them closer to your brand.

Turn visuals into a brand site

Develop your brand online by setting up your brand website. The branding designs and visuals aid the storytelling process of website development. It helps to tell your brand story and build your followers and community.

Freedom to choose

Enhance and improve your brand with any of the Adccelerate programmes to go-to-market quicker. You can choose to uncover your brand journey before your official launch or go-to-market with just simple logo branding with basic business stationery.

SME Power Pack

SMEs that already have a full perspective of their branding identity and design mark can opt for one of the plans below. Choose your brand design style, and your business is ready to go live in a moment.

Basic Standard Premium
Brand Logo + Tagline tick tick tick
Brand Naming tick tick
Name Card Design tick
Brand Consultation tick tick tick
$1,200 $1,500 $1,800
working days for
FA file

Prelude Pack

Based on your brand story, values and personality, create your brand visuals to convince and resonate with your consumers. You will get a distinct set of visuals that can be optimised for the development of the look and feel of your company’s microsite to help expand your brand into the digital age seamlessly.

Prelude Lite Prelude Prelude Plus
Brand Naming
(3 Options)
Brand Logo
(3 Options)
(3 Options)
Brand Story tick tick
Functional Values tick tick
Emotional Values tick tick
Personality tick tick
Brand Imagery
(Sight, Smell, Taste,
Touch, Sound, and Tonality)
tick tick tick
Revisions 2 rounds 3 rounds 4 rounds
$8,500 $12,500 $15,500
Equip your brand with signature visuals.
Develop a brand website the way you envision
your brand to communicate with your stakeholders.

Understand and align stakeholders’ expectations to set the brand’s tonality.

Build the foundation of brand values to convey the purpose of the business.

Curate a distinct set of brand imagery specific to the business.

Set clear business objectives to define the right target audience.

Build brand resonance with target audience through visual communication.

Apply consistent messaging and visual communication across all touchpoints.

Digital Platform

Bring your brand online. Through the Adccelerate Digital Platform, let your brand website, microsite or e-commerce sites tell your brand story. There are two website development services; you can choose one that works best for you. Get a professionally developed website which is tailored to your requirement. 

Discovery & Planning
  • User Flow
  • Information Architecture Planning
  • UI/UX Development
  • Design Development
  • Single page template design development.
    (Maximum of 3 creative revisions)
  • Microsite Development with WordPress
  • One pager microsite, 5 content sections
  • Mobile responsive
  • Deployment to server
Package Price $3,000

Video Editing Service

People are spending more daily minutes watching video on social media. Shape your digital marketing strategy and deliver results better with personalised videos. Engage your consumers with end frames that have targeted call-to-action. It is costly to create multiple long-form advertisements—slice and dice long ads with specific end frames or call-to-actions that communicate to the right audience.

About Us

Adccelerate specialises in helping companies make sense of their brand journey. We equip our clients with affordable, effective branding imageries, corporate logos and design marks that communicate their brand identity. Our strength lies in our ability to handle a diverse range of industries, from finance to food and beverages. We are made up of a team of passionate and committed branding, marketing and web development professionals. Adccelerate strives to develop effective and quick go-to-market solutions that help position our clients in the marketplace digitally.