5 Key Considerations when Designing a Logo

In our first article, Branding Design Made Understandable, we highlighted the importance of creating a logo during the branding design process. Today, we will be sharing 5 key considerations to keep in mind while designing a logo. These considerations will guide you in creating a memorable, evocative and successful brand logo!

1. What is your company’s identity?

A brand logo is a mark that identifies your company. In order to have an effective visual representation of your company, you need to know what your company is. Questions to ask include:

  1. What is the personality of your company? Is it fun and trendy, classy and cool, etc.?
  2. What are the core values of your company? What do you stand for? Are you innovative and forward looking, traditional and preserving heritage, etc.?

Knowing your company’s identity will help in making decisions during the logo design process, such as what colours, typography and shapes to use.

2. What is the current market like?

Your business is not the only company in the market offering the same goods or services. Looking to competitors will give you a sense of the visual identity that is associated with your industry, and this serves as the initial guide in your logo design process. Looking at competitors’ logos will also inform you on what to avoid, and how you can make your own brand logo different from what is already available in the market. After all, you want your logo to stand out amidst a sea of competitors!

Market research also allows you to understand what your target audience wants to see, and this will help you to design a logo that will resonate with them. 

3. What type of logo do you want?

There are a few types of logo that your business can use. You need to decide whether you want a pictorial mark, an abstract mark, a word mark or a symbol and wordmark. Below we have provided examples of the different types of logo.

4. Keep it simple!

Consumers need to develop an association between the logo and your company. They need to remember that this logo represents this company. Thus, your logo has to be memorable and easily identifiable. An overly detailed logo is difficult to remember and not very eye-catching. These days, consumers have a short attention span, and you only have a very short amount of time to capture their attention and leave an impression. So, keep your logo simple! An easy and unexpected twist will also help to make your brand logo more interesting and memorable.

5. Check your logo

Your logo will be everywhere so you need to make sure that your logo will look good wherever it is placed. Check if it looks good stretched out on a large billboard, or placed in a small print ad; whether it looks the same both online and offline. Also, be prepared with coloured and black and white versions of your logo. This ensures that no matter what the situation requires, you will have a ready-to-use version of your brand logo that is memorable, evocative and attention-grabbing.

Now that we have explained these key considerations to take note of while designing a logo, we hope that you will be able to create an amazing logo that will elevate your branding identity and take your company to a whole new level! Of course, the branding design process does not stop here, and there are other aspects necessary for sustaining a brand’s presence. We will discuss these aspects in our articles so keep a look out for them!